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Taking Care of Your Toddler's Bone Health

As a parent, you must be worried about your baby's bone and muscle development. Isn't it? It is quite natural to take stress regarding how to give your child the best nourishment, especially to the bones which are growing faster. Vigrx Plus During the initial stage of a kid i.e. the stage of transformation from an infant to a toddler, taking care of the bones becomes extremely important. You need to ensure that he or she gets the exact amount of nutrition required to sustain healthy bone development. The perfect dosage of Calcium and Vitamin D is elementary to avoid stunting.

Maintain a diet rich in Calcium

Calcium is the only mineral that is primarily responsible for building healthy bones in a child or toddler. Foods that contain calcium in high proportion are milk or any kind of dairy product, leafy green veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans.  VigRx Plus India Also, supplementary drinks like orange juice contain vitamin C which is also most toddlers' favorite. So, if you have to struggle to feed your kid vegetables and milk then go for orange juice or cereal meal. Also, you can replace almond butter with peanut butter as the former is a calcium-rich version of butter. These products are not only tasty but also rich in calcium which your toddler needs most now.

Vitamin D supplements

After calcium another vitamin on which your tot's bone growth and development depend is Vitamin D (labeled as Vitamin D3 by dieticians). However, the unfortunate part is the foods that are sources of Vitamin D are mostly disliked by babies and toddlers. VigRx Plus Australia This is the reason health care providers and supplement makers have come up with a wide assortment of Vitamin D supplements particularly formulated to meet the needs of a kid's body. The key ingredients with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D are fatty fish salmon, mackerel, tuna, egg yolks, soy milk etc. Apart from this, direct exposure to sunlight during the early hours in the morning such as 8 a.m or 9 a.m is the alternate way to nourish a child with Vitamin D.

Regular exercising encourages bone development

The hard and fast rule to strengthen the bones and muscles is working out in a scheduled manner every day. For toddlers, inculcating this habit is a bit difficult but you can't give up by simply saying that they are kids. You have to try different fun ways to persuade them for routine exercises. Cycling, swimming, running, climbing, etc are super effective in building up stronger bones. VigRx Plus Canada  Light and fun-filled weight-bearing workouts are also advised by doctors to enhance healthy bone growth. Minimum one hour of exercising a day is essential for your toddler to enjoy an active childhood later.
Nutrients and vitamins are mandatory in a kid's diet. This is not only for their bone development but also for overall health. You must ensure that your child is getting all the necessary nutrition as this will lead them to a healthy preteen stage. Later, while in their teens they can enjoy their life in a dynamic and vibrant way if they have stronger bones.

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