6-year-old girl taken out of Hope Mills soccer game because of hair beads

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By Leslie Moreno, WRAL reporter

Hope Mills, N.C. — A Hope Mills parent says her 6-year-old girl was not allowed to play shot due to the fact that of her hair. She says her girl was brushed disconnected without an explanation.

The Hope Mills Parks and Recreation 2021 shot rules handbook intelligibly states present that nary hairsbreadth beads are allowed.

The 6-year-old's parent says it was ne'er explained to her wherefore her daughter’s hairsbreadth accessories were not allowed.

Gabriella was getting acceptable to play shot done a programme offered by Hope Mills Parks and Recreation.

The referee told her she could not play due to the fact that of her hair.

“She was precise upset she cried a fewer times and conscionable had questions astir what the contented was,” said Daraille Marshmon, Gabriella's mother.

Gabriella’s parent says her girl has worn the aforesaid hairstyle respective times before, astatine signifier with nary issue. On Monday they told her she had to region her hairsbreadth bows with nary further explanation.

“I ne'er imagined america personally being enactment successful that concern to person to beryllium removed due to the fact that of your hairsbreadth and each it took was idiosyncratic to attraction capable to explain,” Marshmon said.

The 2021 Soccer rules accidental “No watches, rings, earrings oregon hairsbreadth beads of immoderate benignant are allowed.”

The parkland diversion manager says the parent was informed that the beads were unsafe and was told her girl could play if she removed them. However, she chose not to.

The parent says otherwise.

“If they would’ve told america it was the integrative clips astatine the extremity of her hair, we could’ve simply did that and we could person explained to her that the integrative clips whitethorn deed idiosyncratic successful the oculus - nary of that was explained,” Marshmon said.

Gabriella volition present person to usage brushed hairsbreadth clips moving guardant if she wants to play. Which is not a occupation for the family.

“She has antithetic benignant of bows, truthful I don’t person an contented with that but each radical merit is an explanation,” Marshmon said.

The diversion manager says the incidental whitethorn person been handled incorrectly by the referee. The refs are hired by a 3rd party.

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