78-year-old woman has car full of presents stolen while shopping in Brier Creek

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By Julian Grace, WRAL anchor/reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — A pistillate was robbed successful the mediate of the time portion buying astatine a fashionable store successful Brier Creek.

The 78-year-old had her car and Christmas gifts stolen.

She told WRAL News she's a shopper who stays alert.

She did everything right, she parked her car, she locked her doors and went buying wrong Home Goods.

The unthinkable happened arsenic she walked down 1 of the aisles and a antheral abruptly approached her.

“He came from down maine and ran his hands down my jeans and grabbed my keys and stole my car keys and took retired moving retired the beforehand door,” said the pistillate who wished to stay anonymous.

The antheral knew wherever she parked. He knew the nonstop marque and exemplary of her car, and wherever she placed her car keys.

“Take distant from this, you whitethorn beryllium being watched, and ticker what you bash with your car keys,” she warned.

Her 2010 Toyota Camry has not been returned, nor were the presents successful the trunk.

Despite her losses, she wanted to pass shoppers to beryllium alert this Christmas season.

“If immoderate of your listeners tin instrumentality thing distant from my experience: be careful what you bash with your car keys successful nationalist bash not fto radical spot where your car keys are,” she said.

TJ Maxx, which owns Home Goods, released this statement:

“The information our customers is precise important to us. We are alert of the incidental successful our Brier Creek location, and are cooperating with the Raleigh constabulary department.  As this is simply a substance of instrumentality enforcement, it would beryllium inappropriate for america to remark further.”


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