84 people exposed to bacteria that can cause Legionnaires' disease during Duke basketball camp

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By Sydney Franklin, WRAL multiplatform producer

Durham, N.C. — Approximately 84 radical were exposed to bacteria that tin origin Legionnaires' illness portion attending the K Academy hoops campy astatine Duke University.

In a property release, a Duke spokeswoman said the radical were exposed astatine the campy for adults betwixt Aug. 11 and Sunday.

The individuals were being treated for unwellness aft apt being exposed to the bacteria Legionella successful a grooming country successful the Schwartz-Butters Building connected campus. The grooming country has since been closed, and cleaning was underway.

The bacteria tin besides origin Pontiac fever, a milder corruption than Legionnaires' disease, which mostly causes fever and musculus aches.

Individuals person reported flu-like symptoms, including fever, musculus fatigue, nausea and respiratory distress. People reporting being sick are either being treated astatine Duke oregon by their idiosyncratic doctors. The Duke spokeswoman said that everyone is expected to afloat recover.

Everyone who was exposed to the bacteria has been contacted, according to a spokeswoman.

No Duke student-athletes were exposed to the bacteria oregon person reported being sick.

Legionnaires' illness is simply a superior benignant of pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacterium, which is recovered successful caller water, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The bacteria tin beryllium recovered successful ablution heads, faucets, blistery tubs, cooling towers, blistery h2o tanks, decorative fountains and plumbing systems.

Symptoms, which tin statesman 2 to 10 days aft vulnerability to the bacteria, are coughing, shortness of breath, precocious fever, musculus aches and headaches.

About 1 successful 10 radical with Legionnaires' illness dies, according to the CDC. Legionnaires' illness is treated with antibiotics, and astir radical who get sick marque a afloat recovery.

In 2019, 4 radical died from Legionnaire's illness aft attending the Mountain State Fair successful occidental North Carolina. A study from the authorities Department of Health and Human Services said blistery tub h2o that sprayed into the aerial apt caused the outbreak, which included 136 cases of Legionnaire's illness and 1 lawsuit of Pontiac fever.

Legionnaires' disease

Since that outbreak successful occidental North Carolina, the CDC updated guidelines for blistery tub displays astatine nationalist events, successful portion based connected findings from North Carolina, including suggested grooming for blistery tub owners and vendors and recommended regular h2o tests

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