A new era begins for Go Ask Mom: Meet the new editor

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By Kathy Hanrahan, Lifestyle Editor

Hello again!

Some of you mightiness retrieve my erstwhile posts for Go Ask Mom, but let maine to present myself - I’m Kathy Hanrahan, a full-time moving ma of 2 children.

I started penning for Go Ask Mom successful 2011 with a file titled “Training for Baby,” where I focused connected getting successful signifier earlier I started trying to get pregnant. I was successful the champion signifier of my beingness erstwhile I had my lad successful 2012, past beingness happened.

Kathy Hanrahan and family

I began a caller occupation arsenic the exertion for WRAL’s Out and About and settled into household life. Then, we tried to person different kid and were deed with secondary infertility.

I blogged astir my infertility journey (including 3 miscarriages, IVF and the eventual commencement of my rainbow baby) successful 2018 and 2019. I gained a batch of value successful the process and present I’m connected different travel to get acceptable again. I’ve mislaid 40 pounds since January.

I emotion the Go Ask Mom community, truthful I was precise bittersweet to larn that existent exertion Sarah Hall would beryllium stepping distant from her position. She has done truthful overmuch to signifier this assemblage connected WRAL.com.

I’m humbled to beryllium taking implicit the caller presumption of WRAL Lifestyle Editor, which volition oversee Out and About, Go Ask Mom and Smart Shoppper.

What does that mean?

New content

You volition proceed to get recipes, trade ideas, parkland profiles, tips connected traveling with your children and a batch more. We person immoderate acquainted faces and a fewer caller ones with children of each ages. We heard you large and wide successful our caller survey, you privation much contented for your older children and teens.

More voices

In summation to seeing much stories from me, I person gathered a fantastic radical of parents and caregivers who are excited to conscionable you successful the coming weeks.

Current WRAL newsman Nia Harden will beryllium contributing stories astir her household and caller mom WRAL multiplatform shaper Jessica Patrick volition besides beryllium penning regular posts. Former WRAL reporters Tara Lynn and Sloane Heffernan volition besides beryllium regular contributors.

What astir dad?

In summation to stories from moms, we request immoderate dada vigor astir here! We are bringing successful WRAL’s Ken Smith and Bryan Mims and Mix 101.5 FM greeting big Kyle Smelser to stock their insight, experiences and possibly adjacent a mates of dada jokes. We’re looking guardant to bringing much dads AND different important household members who play important roles successful families successful the coming weeks and months.

New voices

One of the astir breathtaking announcements is that we’re adding caller voices close away! Let’s larn much astir them.

  • Kiara Ruth started The Banana Moon blog because she wanted to link with readers. She is based successful Raleigh and has a 5 twelvemonth aged son.
  • Meka Harrell is a parent of 4 children who started blogging successful 2017. This Raleigh ma has her ain T-shirt enactment called, MomSlay.
  • Tandra Wilkerson runs the Thriller Mom Blog. This Triad-based ma loves penning astir escapade with her household and has adjacent shared immoderate of their trips connected their YouTube channel.
  • Amy Davis is a engaged parent of three, web contributor for the historical Village District and a fittingness teacher with FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh.
  • Nili Zaharony is ma to 3 small ones (ages 5, 3, and 6 months) that support her perpetually connected her toes. She and her hubby created the NC Triangle Connection to assistance others done the challenges of relocating to the Triangle.
  • Stephanie Llorente is the proprietor of Restored, a faith-based concern that delivers applicable resources and intentional assemblage to moving moms. She is simply a parent of 2 and based successful Raleigh.
  • Jamei McGee joined her assemblage sweetheart and the 2 person 3 daughters. She has been sharing their lives via societal media for the past year.

I’m truthful excited for what’s to come! Let maine perceive from you! If you person a communicative thought oregon privation to suggest a contributor that should beryllium connected our radar, email maine astatine khanrahan@wral.com.

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