Backpacks, lunch boxes, headphones among must-haves for back to school

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By Monica Laliberte, 5 On Your Side reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — A batch of nerves and excitement are up of adjacent week arsenic students spell backmost to school.

5 On Your Side’s Monica Laliberte shares 5 things to support the commencement of the twelvemonth casual and safe.


Look for 1 with a cushioned laptop pouch to assistance support their computer.

Note that a loaded backpack shouldn’t beryllium immoderate much than 20 percent of your child’s weight. For an 80-pound student, it should not measurement much than 16 pounds.

The CPSC says each year, astir 7,500 kids nether property 19 spell to exigency departments for backpack-related injuries.

So the wounded they tin origin is real.


They’re connected galore schoolhouse proviso lists this year.

CR named the Sennheiser PXC 550-II headphones a Best Buy.

They’re $159 and connection large features and quality.

For receptor buds, and a overmuch little cost, the Scosche SportFlex 3 brace is simply a CR Best Buy, priced for arsenic small arsenic $25.


With COVID, h2o fountain usage is much limited.

Consumer Reports rated the Takeya Traveler a Best Buy.

Holding 17 ounces, it’s leak proof, casual to cleanable and costs astir $21.

A younger kid mentation comes successful galore colors, and includes a leak-proof lid, built successful straw and transportation handle.


Based connected a erstwhile 5 On Your Side story, don’t hide luncheon container care.

When we teamed up with NC State researchers to trial 100 luncheon boxes for germs, results recovered mold and adjacent fecal matter.

So regularly cleanable and disinfect them.


And person spares.

Three features are getting accolades - masks that are multi-layer, made of a breathable worldly and person adjustable straps.

But beryllium connected alert, 4 ample retailers Monica Laliberte went to each said they were retired of kids masks.

So you mightiness privation to bid them online, and get 2 five-packs, truthful that they person a cleanable 1 and a back-up each day.

A section doc told 5 On Your Side we should each see a utilized disguise contaminated.

Be definite to lavation them aft each time of use.

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