Boeing’s Flight Path for the Long Haul

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To the Editor:
The Boeing nonfiction should beryllium a informing to investors (“Boeing Stock Can Gain 35%. How It Can Win the Future by Fixing Its Problems Now,” Cover Story, Aug. 13). Al Root talks of the value of engineering and a caller level exemplary for the aboriginal of Boeing. Then helium notes successful a tiny remark adjacent the extremity that “R&D spending has fallen astir 30%.” Few if immoderate of the large exertion companies reduced engineering caput number by much than 10% during Covid-19. A 30% simplification is much indicative of a institution whose enactment feels that engineering is not a halfway competence, and that engineering endowment tin beryllium easy replaced.

Steve Jacobs, Cupertino, Calif.

Yardeni’s Insights

To the Editor:
Regarding “Stock Prices Are Poised to Keep Rising, Says Longtime Bull. Here’s Why” (Interview, Aug. 12), Barron’s does it again—by sharing different of the astir utile sentences successful the tract of modern fiscal markets that person travel from Ed Yardeni. When asked, “Anything you’d avoid?” helium replied, “Don’t inquire maine astir Bitcoin.” Then helium added, “I request earnings, dividends, rent, immoderate income to discount.”

Ian P. Ellis, Westport, Conn.

To the Editor:
Yardeni’s insights that a diminution successful labor-force maturation means we person a idiosyncratic shortage—and volition person to trust connected accrued productivity and entrepreneurialism—is instructive arsenic we look astatine fiscal policy. It seems an opportune clip to revisit whether to taxation income oregon consumption. Consumers are reportedly flush with currency and successful the champion signifier ever. A displacement to taxing depletion done a nationalist income taxation would incentivize workers and entrepreneurs, who would support and put much of their superior portion having the state to take their idiosyncratic taxation rate. It would besides code the wealthiness transportation that favors more-affluent Americans and an aging colonisation that is progressively leaving the workforce.

Steve Wosahla, Bristow, Va.

Veni, Vidi, VICI

To the Editor:
Not mentioned successful “This Growing Gambling REIT Yields 4.8%” (Income Investing, Aug. 12) is that VICI Properties has best-in-class governance oregon that the pending transactions volition destruct each secured indebtedness for the merged company. VICI is 1 of the champion REITs retired there. The ample dividend reflects the debased outgo of buying those earnings.

R. Paul Drake, On

No Eviction Moratoriums

To the Editor:
The solution to the eviction organisation occupation should person been precise elemental (“Good Intentions Won’t Stop the Eviction Crisis,” Other Voices, Aug. 13). Solve it astatine the past mile. Designate judges to peculiar courts astatine localities to code evictions with bureaucrats authorized to marque payments connected the spot to those landlords whose renters are judged worthy of support.

Donald E. Brown, Fairfax, Va.

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