Congressional offices evacuated, people hiding in underground tunnels, as DC police investigate potentially explosive truck

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WASHINGTON — A antheral sitting successful a pickup motortruck extracurricular the Library of Congress told constabulary connected Thursday that helium had a bomb, prompting a monolithic instrumentality enforcement effect to find whether it was an operable explosive device, radical briefed connected the substance said.

The motortruck had nary licence plates, and erstwhile instrumentality enforcement noticed it successful the morning, authorities reported a imaginable weaponry menace implicit constabulary radios. Investigators were trying to find whether the antheral was holding a detonator. They were communicating with him arsenic helium wrote notes and showed them to constabulary from wrong the truck, according to 3 radical were not authorized to publically sermon the substance and spoke connected information of anonymity.

Police sent snipers to the country adjacent the Capitol and Supreme Court and evacuated aggregate buildings connected the sprawling Capitol complex. Congress is successful recess this week, but staffers were seen calmly walking retired of the country astatine the absorption of authorities.

The nation's superior has been tense since the Jan. 6 insurrection astatine the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Police probing study  of explosive successful  motortruck  adjacent   Capitol

Fencing that had been installed astir the Capitol grounds had been up for months but was taken down this summer. A time earlier thousands of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, tube bombs were near astatine the office of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee successful Washington. No 1 has been arrested yet for placing the bombs.

The RNC, not acold distant from wherever the motortruck was parked Thursday, was besides evacuated implicit the threat.

Police probing study  of explosive successful  motortruck  adjacent   Capitol

The country was blocked disconnected by constabulary cars and barricades, and aggregate occurrence trucks and ambulances were staged nearby. Also responding were the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police, FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Capitol Police said officers were “responding to a suspicious conveyance adjacent the Library of Congress,” and that it was an “active weaponry menace investigation.”

The White House said it was monitoring the concern and was being briefed by instrumentality enforcement.

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