Cows leaving Maple View Farm but ice cream shop will remain open

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By Jessica Patrick, WRAL multiplatform producer

Hillsborough, N.C. — After 25 years, Maple View Farm crystal pick volition halt its on-site beverage production.

In an announcement connected Facebook, owners said the cows are "going to a bully home" and beverage volition beryllium delivered to Maple View from Simply Natural Creamery of Ayden.

According to owners, Simply Natural volition supply the crystal pick basal and Maple View volition marque crystal pick on-site successful Hillsborough.

Maple View Farm crystal  pick  pie

Simply Natural volition besides supply milk, food and cream, which tin beryllium purchased astatine the Maple View Farm state store.

"We selected Simply Natural due to the fact that they usage the butterfat contented and earthy products that are captious to precocious prime crystal cream," the station read. "Their dairy products are remarkably similar Maple View."

The workplace has been operating successful North Carolina since the 1960s.

Maple View Farm has a recycling programme wherever customers tin crook successful solid beverage bottles for deposit refunds. The workplace asks that customers looking for a refund instrumentality their beverage bottles to the workplace by Sept. 20.

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