Cracked screens, chewed-on cords, keyboard spills: What tech guys see from school-issued computers

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By Monica Laliberte, 5 On Your Side reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, computers became the norm for learning.

But if you deliberation astir it, computers positive kids of each ages, you cognize that tin pb to problems.

5 On Your Side’s Monica Laliberte recovered stacks and stacks of breached computers wrong the repair store astatine Wake County Public schools.

Kevin Harvey is caput of Technology Services.

When Monica asked astir the craziest happening he’s seen, Harvey laughed saying "Oh, I don’t cognize if I could say, I mean, we’ve seen immoderate devices that person truly been done the ringer."

5 On Your Side saw piles labeled "broken screens," carnal harm and spill damage, which Harvey says those are communal issues.

One machine helium showed america had a cracked screen.

"A batch of times erstwhile we spot harm similar this, this is wherever idiosyncratic near a pen laying successful present and closed the screen," helium said.

Some screens person much subtle cracks, others person breached hinges.

"This is not apt thing that the idiosyncratic did," said Harvey. "This is thing that the hinge failed and truthful that’s thing that would beryllium covered by warranty."

Spill harm isn’t usually arsenic obvious.

Wake schools look   grading concerns arsenic  online learning is acceptable   to begin

"Sometimes thing volition spill connected the keyboard and it volition inactive enactment and I’ll deliberation `I’m okay, I’m successful the clear.’ And past a time oregon 2 later, thing volition beryllium damaged connected the wrong that moisture volition beryllium collected and it’ll halt working," said Harvey.

Pets are different problem.

"We bash spot a just fig of pets that get into devices successful 1 mode oregon another," helium said. "Often the powerfulness cords are a bully people for dogs, they similar to chew connected those."

"The literal canine ate my homework," added Harvey.

The bully quality helium says, overall, the fig of damaged computers they spot is comparatively low.

"We don’t spot a ample percent of devices that are broken, astir of our students by and ample dainty their devices precise carefully," said Harvey.

And helium stresses, erstwhile a instrumentality has an contented to fto the schoolhouse strategy grip repairs.

Chromebooks outgo the region $304 each, that includes the case.

The caller schoolhouse enslaved covered the outgo of each of the computers being handed out.

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