Democratic Combat Vet Running Against Madison Cawthorn Calls Him A Traitor

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Josh Remillard, a combat seasoned and Democrat moving against Rep. Madison Cawthorn, called insurrection inciter a traitor.

Video of Remillard:

 Remillard said:

I’m sick of politicians who nonstop america to warfare and don’t instrumentality attraction of america erstwhile we travel home. And I’m sick of radical similar Madison Cawthorn who betray the ideology that I fought to support and that my person Brice died for. Madison Cawthorn is simply a traitor, and I’m the feline to get him retired of Congress.

Look astatine what Madison Cawthorn has done. He incited unit and hatred by encouraging insurrectionists, admiring Hitler, and calling for ‘bloodshed,’ and present we person Swastika- and machete-bearing criminals astatine the Capitol and a 2nd rally this week. This is not a coincidence, and he’s got to go.

Rep. Cawthorn is readying different onslaught connected the Capitol. The freshman congressman is 1 of Trump’s astir loyal devotees and betrayers of democracy.

Josh Remillard is 1 of a fig of Democrats who are vying to look Cawthorn adjacent year. 

Remillard lived successful foster care, was adopted by his grandparents, and past served his state successful Iraq and Afghanistan. 

His patriotism and willingness to support his state has already been proven successful war, and if helium becomes the Democratic nominee, helium volition connection voters successful North Carolina’s 11th District the prime betwixt a combat vet and a home terrorist.

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