Downtown Raleigh bar lets you unwind with your four-legged friends

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By Sydney Franklin, WRAL multiplatform producer

Raleigh, N.C. — If you privation to drawback a drink, but don't privation to permission your canine astatine location -- caput implicit to West Street Dog.

The bar, located connected 400 W. North Street, offers plentifulness of amusive for humans and pooches. The canine barroom is simply a sister institution to Suite Paws Pet Resort & Spa connected S. Rogers Lane successful Raleigh.

"We wanted to unfastened up thing that was similar Suite Paws," said co-owner Laura Muntel. "The much we were looking downtown, the much we started reasoning astir adding different portion to it."

There's daycare, boarding, grooming and of course, a bar! Patrons person plentifulness of draught brew options and cocktails specified arsenic the "Moscow Mutt," "Man's Best Friend" and "Raining Cats and Dogs."

Dogs indispensable beryllium spayed/neutered, up to day connected rabies, distemper/parvo and six-month Bordetella vaccines, and beryllium canine and human-friendly successful bid to spell to the off-leash area.

Muntel said the dogs indispensable besides beryllium a subordinate of the barroom successful bid to bent retired successful the off-leash country successful the backmost of the building. There's monthly pricing options for 1 oregon 2 dogs, oregon you tin acquisition a one-day pass.

"We're going to marque it a rank truthful we cognize the dogs," said Laura Muntel. "We're not going to fto idiosyncratic successful that's aggressive."

"I deliberation erstwhile we get everybody successful and going -- we're going to person a bully assemblage here," she added.

There's a besides a parkland show to assistance support an oculus connected the dogs arsenic they bask romping around.

When walking into the enclosed off-leash area, there's plentifulness of seating options for owners and murals of dogs enactment the walls. Dogs tin adjacent ascent connected apical of instrumentality successful the country for a amended view,

Patrons hanging retired successful the off-leash country tin locomotion up to the opened windows to drawback a portion portion inactive keeping an oculus connected their pet.

Don't interest if your favored needs to usage the bath connected the writer that fills the halfway of the room. Muntel said the writer has drainage underneath that makes it casual to clean.

"It has these pipes - h2o pipes and flip switches - truthful you tin usage a hose connected apical and it's washing it each off," described Muntel.

The bully quality it that everyone is allowed successful the on-leash country of the bar, which is successful the beforehand of the building. There's nary interest to bring your canine and hangout with friends.

The beforehand country has ample windows that are often opened, and plentifulness of seating astatine the bars and tables for patrons and their pets to bent retired at.

Currently, West Street Dog is offering daycare connected Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The dogs are capable to play successful the off-leash country until 5 p.m. wherever they volition past beryllium enactment into a tally into their proprietor picks them up.

If you're feeling anxious astir leaving your canine astatine daycare, determination volition besides beryllium unrecorded cameras disposable starting successful September that you tin ticker to cheque successful connected your pet.

For canine lovers needing a job, the institution is besides hiring canine handlers, reception and bartenders. Click here for the nexus to the occupation application.

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