Duplin County leaders challenge census numbers that show loss in population

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By Keenan Willard, WRAL Eastern North Carolina reporter

Kenansville, N.C. — New information from the 2020 census amusement much radical are leaving from communities successful Duplin County than astir anyplace other successful the state. But Duplin County leaders accidental they judge the number was incorrect – and they could propulsion for a redo.

“I don’t deliberation we person mislaid arsenic overmuch colonisation arsenic the census numbers reflect,” said the county's manager, Davis Brinson.

A breakdown of colonisation information from the newly-released 2020 census highlighted which North Carolina counties person seen the top diminution successful colonisation since 2010. Leading the mode was Robeson County, which reportedly experienced a driblet of much than 17,000 radical successful the past decade.

Right down was Duplin County - an cultivation hub successful the southeastern portion of the authorities - wherever colonisation fell by astir 10,000 residents since 2010.

“Honestly, I’m shocked astatine the 2020 census numbers,” Brinson said. “Personally, I judge there’s been a important undercount of our colonisation successful Duplin County.”

Brinson said little than fractional of region residents had responded to the online census earlier census takers arrived successful person, and helium said helium feels that a deficiency of reliable broadband entree successful the region was to blame.

With the census straight tied to however overmuch national backing the region volition person successful the coming years, officials person taken steps to acceptable the grounds straight.

“We bash program to situation the census numbers,” Brinson said. “I’ve already reached retired to the Governor’s Office and spoken with the census liaison there.”


A spokesperson for the Office of State Budget and Management said counties could situation the census numbers done a “count question resolution,” a year-and-a-half-long reappraisal process that would statesman successful January and absorption connected 3 factors, 1 of which would beryllium however overmuch of the region was covered.

The reappraisal would see “maybe neighborhoods, subdivisions, oregon congregate surviving facilities that were missed by census workers,” added Brinson.

If the reappraisal recovered problems with the data, Duplin County could wage for a peculiar census, which would beryllium a recount tailored to the country that the state’s census liaison said would beryllium “very expensive.”

County leaders said they were unfastened to pursuing the recount, but until the archetypal reappraisal wraps up successful 2023, they program to absorption connected attracting radical to Duplin County by investing successful broadband entree and much affordable lodging options.

“We’ve done a bully occupation successful the past fewer years successful the country of economical development, and we mean to physique connected that momentum,” said Brinson.

Brinson added that region leaders would person to measurement the outgo of the recount against the magnitude of national wealth they basal to suffer from the census numbers earlier committing to wage for the recount.

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