Durham gun thefts up by 15% this year as gun ownership surges

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By Maggie Brown, WRAL multiplatform producer

Durham, N.C. — Hundreds of firearms were reported arsenic stolen to the Durham Police Department since the opening of this year, officials said successful a merchandise connected Tuesday. Gun thefts were up by 15% compared to 2 years ago.

The bulk of guns are stolen from unlocked cars parked successful residential locations, officials said.

261 guns were reported stolen betwixt Jan. 1 to Aug. 31.

The Durham Police Department asked that radical bash not permission their firearms successful plain show — similar successful an unfastened console, connected the floorboard oregon successful a spot pocket. Instead, officials inquire that residents support their weapon successful a unafraid weapon harmless oregon lockbox.

Police besides accidental that residents should constitute down the serial fig of their firearm, truthful if it is stolen, it tin beryllium easy traced.

Gun income surged successful America past twelvemonth and the firearms manufacture says determination was a 60% summation successful weapon income from 2019 to 2020. Most of those income successful 2020 took spot from March to May. In the archetypal six months of 2021, weapon income accrued by 15% from the twelvemonth earlier that.

Experts estimate that the bulk of guns bought were among first-time buyers. Experts saw weapon income surge erstwhile aft the pandemic lockdown and protests against constabulary brutality began.

In Wake County, much than 60,000 radical applied for a weapon licence successful 2020 and income were up by 300%, according to the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

Experts accidental that gun ownership has been rising for immoderate time, and constabulary person been acrophobic astir unsecured guns being stolen from cars successful the past mates years. This occupation is worse successful states with much relaxed transportation laws, NPR reports.

Durham constabulary accidental if you bash determine to support your weapon successful your car, support it successful a container successful your trunk.

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