Festival season returns: 10th annual Brewgaloo kicks off this weekend in downtown Raleigh

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By Adam Owens, WRAL anchor/reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — With truthful galore downtown festivals canceled past year, past September conscionable didn't consciousness the same. This year, however, the streets are starting to travel to beingness again arsenic some fashionable festivals marque a comeback.

Brewgaloo, which features 70 breweries from astir the state, kicks disconnected Friday nighttime and runs done the weekend.

For the involvement of safety, a fewer changes person been implemented.


The archetypal large change: Brewgaloo volition beryllium an in-person gathering erstwhile again. Last year, the pandemic forced organizers to hold a drive-thru event. As a information precaution, however, the gathering volition beryllium a small smaller this year.

In years earlier COVID, arsenic galore arsenic 50,000 radical packed downtown Raleigh for Brewgaloo. This year, they expect their numbers volition beryllium halved.

The festival volition diagnostic 70 trade breweries, 45 nutrient trucks and aggregate vendors – smaller numbers than successful erstwhile years. This allows radical to dispersed retired much and support their distance.

Hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations volition beryllium readily available, dispersed passim the event.

Masks are not required presently for outdoor gatherings successful Raleigh.

Anyone who is feeling unwell and cannot be tin interaction Brewgaloo for a afloat refund connected their tickets.

"We privation radical to travel back, but we privation to bash it safely," said Jennifer Martin of Shop Local Raleigh, the radical hosting the event. "We besides privation radical to person fun."

Martin said she feels radical person truly missed retired connected assemblage and connections during the pandemic.

"We are designed to interact with each different and person relationships and community," she said.

Martin says she believes Brewgaloo volition assistance radical find a mode to connect, portion inactive focusing connected safety.

This twelvemonth is the 10th day of Brewgaloo. The lawsuit kicks disconnected contiguous with a smaller artifact enactment sampler lawsuit from 6 to 10 p.m. The larger lawsuit is Saturday. Tickets are disposable online and astatine the gate.

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