Fight at Wilmington high school leaves one student shot, another arrested

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Wilmington, N.C. — A combat astatine a Wilmington High School connected Monday greeting ended with 1 pupil changeable and a 2nd 1 nether arrest, authorities said.

The shooting occurred conscionable aft 11 a.m. astatine New Hanover High School, astatine 1307 Market St., prompting authorities to fastener down and aboriginal evacuate the school.

One pupil suffered a non-life-threatening coiled and was being treated astatine New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The student's information wasn't disposable Monday afternoon.

A 15-year-old student, identified by New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon arsenic Chance Deablo, faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, battle with a deadly limb with intent to termination inflicting superior injury, possession of a limb connected schoolhouse grounds and discharging a firearm connected schoolhouse grounds.

"This is thing that we are nary going to tolerate," McMahon said astatine a quality conference. "Our schools request to beryllium the safest spot for our children to be."

"We were fortunate today," Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo agreed. "[For] a idiosyncratic to instrumentality matters into their ain hands and commencement shooting a weapon successful a crowded schoolhouse is unfathomable."

New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David said the teen has initially been charged arsenic a juvenile, but the lawsuit could beryllium moved to big tribunal due to the fact that of the severity of the crime.

Saffo vowed to enactment an extremity to senseless weapon violence.

"This civilization of retaliation has got to stop. We're going to usage our resources to marque definite it stops," helium said. "We volition travel aft you if you proceed to instrumentality the instrumentality into your ain hands."

After New Hanover High was evacuated, deputies escorted students to adjacent Williston Middle School.

"Once a afloat headcount is conducted, students volition beryllium taken to the MLK Center, astatine 401 S. 8th Street, wherever they volition beryllium released to their parents," schoolhouse territory officials said successful a statement. "Williston Middle School and Gregory Elementary [School] are safely nether a structure successful place. Students from these 2 schools are not being released to families astatine this time."

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