Final rain band weakening in Triangle, more storms possible later today

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By WRAL Severe Weather Center

Raleigh, N.C. — Fred has moved distant from North Carolina aft causing superior flooding successful the occidental information of the state, but rainfall and storms volition linger Wednesday.

A Level 1 hazard for terrible storms from the Triangle westward ended astatine 7 a.m., according to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner. A ample set of rainfall that crossed the viewing country aboriginal Wednesday was weakening astatine 7:30 a.m. and should not person a important interaction connected the greeting commute isolated from immoderate lasting h2o on roadways that could origin cars to hydroplane.

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"This was the past set of storms that is apt to travel done this morning," Gardner said.

 Aug. 18, 2021

WRAL meteorologist Zach Maloch said immoderate storms could instrumentality connected Wednesday afternoon, but rainfall volition beryllium scattered.

"Since this set of rainfall is holding unneurotic enough, the bound from it should beryllium eastbound of the Triangle by midday, which volition bounds the magnitude of rainfall we'll spot this afternoon," helium said. "The hour-by-hour update decreases our rainfall sum to 20% by 4 p.m."

As we get person to lunchtime, the rainfall volition weaken, and determination shouldn't beryllium overmuch enactment successful the mediate of the day. Another circular of storms is expected successful the portion this evening due to the fact that "there is truthful overmuch tropical moisture successful place," Gardner said.

Temperatures volition beryllium successful the precocious 80s connected Wednesday. There is simply a accidental for rainfall and storms the remainder of the week, adjacent erstwhile Fred dissipates.

Thursday volition beryllium a hotter time with highs successful the debased 90s. The vigor scale could scope 105 degrees, meaning a vigor advisory is possible. Scattered rainfall and storms volition beryllium astir apt successful the day and aboriginal evening.

Friday volition beryllium partially cloudy with scattered rainfall and storms successful the day and aboriginal evening​. Highs volition beryllium successful the precocious 80s to debased 90s.

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