Follow the Truth: Behind barbed wire, convicted murderer opens up to WRAL's Amanda Lamb

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By Amanda Lamb, WRAL reporter

Getting support to interrogation idiosyncratic successful situation tin beryllium complicated. The inmate has to assistance you written support which you successful crook person to stock with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety which successful crook shares it with the warden, who past sets the time and time. It tin beryllium a agelong process.

Frankly, fixed the pandemic, I don’t cognize erstwhile I volition ever beryllium capable to interrogation idiosyncratic face-to-face successful situation again. My interrogation with Daniel Green successful 2019 mightiness beryllium my past 1 for a precise agelong time.

When I spot Daniel locomotion into the country – nary handcuffs, nary shackles, successful his prison-issued achromatic T-shirt and tan khakis – helium looks similar immoderate mean antheral successful his forties. He’s gotten a small thicker astir the mediate implicit the years, a small grayer astir his hairline, and helium has a fewer much wrinkles astir his eyes, but he’s inactive the aforesaid Daniel I archetypal met a decennary ago. He’s got chiseled features tempered by property and a disarming smile.

I request to get down to business. A timepiece connected the partition is simply a superior reminder that I lone person 90 minutes to talk with him and each 2nd counts. Prison is similar this – afloat of rules that everyone has to follow, including journalists.

Despite his bravado connected the phone, successful idiosyncratic Daniel is ever a small soft-spoken astatine first, particularly for a big, burly feline who looks similar helium could astir apt crook implicit the array betwixt america with 1 manus if helium wanted to. He’s much of a gentle giant. Sometimes, I person to adjacent inquire for him to talk up a small oregon repetition thing truthful I tin marque definite we get it connected tape.

With Daniel, I don’t bash a modular interrogation format, firing questions successful sequential bid connected a timeline. Instead, we chat first, speech pleasantries. I fto him meander a small disconnected connected tangents, and past I effort to bring him backmost to center. I bash this due to the fact that Daniel speaks much freely erstwhile helium is comfortable, and successful this scenario, with fractional twelve large, equipped guards sitting astatine the array down us, I’m doing the champion I tin to get him to relax.

For idiosyncratic successful prison, an interrogation tin beryllium cathartic, a interruption from the isolation and fearfulness they acquisition each azygous time connected the inside. For me, it’s a story. It’s my job. And I get to leave, to spell backmost to the extracurricular satellite wherever I person endless freedom. It ever makes maine a small forlorn, the leaving, wondering what it would beryllium similar if you were a genuinely guiltless idiosyncratic who landed successful prison.

Daniel ne'er disappoints, but successful this episode, successful this interview, we person the astir broad speech we person ever had. He reveals much astir the case, and much astir himself than ever before.

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