Hazmat suits seen at RDU cleaning up after fuel spill

1 month ago 14
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By John Payne, WRAL photojournalist

Morrisville, N.C. — Hazmat suits were seen astatine RDU Airport connected Saturday greeting aft a substance spill caused by an instrumentality malfunction successful a Delta Airline level parked astatine a gate.

A fig of crews were connected tract to assistance with the response, and a contractor helped with cleanup.

Raleigh Hazmat units were seen, arsenic good vehicles belonging to a section commercialized hazardous materials cleanup company.

According to a Delta official, 1 of the valves got stuck unfastened during regular maintenance. An authoritative said nary substance reached tempest drains, and flights and customers weren't impacted.

Aircraft began arriving and taking disconnected astatine astir 5:30 a.m., arsenic passengers could beryllium seen flowing into Terminal 2.

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