High-rises planned for fringe of Dix Park

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By Keely Arthur, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — Developers from Raleigh and New York person teamed up connected a task that volition bring 2 high-rise, mixed-use buildings to the borderline of the planned Dix Park, southbound of downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh-based SLI Capital and Mack Real Estate Group, retired of New York, precocious bought respective parcels, totaling 7.5 acres, on Hammell Drive, betwixt South Saunders Street and Lake Wheeler Road, for astir $35 million, according to Wake County spot records.

"There is implicit $3 billion, if you number Downtown South, of existent property concern going astir Dix Park, which I deliberation says a batch astir the accidental that radical privation to unrecorded adjacent this unthinkable amenity," Janet Cowell, president and main enforcement of Dix Park Conservancy, said Wednesday.

The nonprofit conservancy is helping Raleigh officials program the improvement of the 300-acre nationalist park.

"We person talked astir trying to bash setbacks truthful it’s not an contiguous skyscraper close up adjacent to the park," Cowell said. "We deliberation the standard of the thoroughfare and wanting it to consciousness similar a safe, intimate, affable streetscape is important, and we’ve besides talked astir things similar parking."

Migel Saldana already lives adjacent the park, but the caller improvement volition unit him out.

"I’m getting pushed retired from wherever I’m at," said Saldana, who lives on Lake Wheeler Road. "It was bully location, and it truly was affordable."

Developers took power of the spot helium rents months agone and shifted his lease to a month-to-month arrangement, helium said.

The developers inactive request to spell done Raleigh's tract reappraisal process, which typically takes a twelvemonth and includes plan approvals, earlier thing breaks ground. But Saldana said helium knows his days successful his location are numbered.

"I don’t deliberation it’s going to beryllium affordable," helium said of the projected task which are expected to see hundreds of residential units.

"My bosom is with folks who are astir straight impacted," said Raleigh City Councilman Patrick Buffkin, who voted on with the remainder of the assembly to rezone the spot and let improvement of up to 20 stories.

Keeping lodging affordable arsenic Raleigh continues to roar with improvement is simply a priority, Buffkin said.

"Increasing proviso by itself astir apt won’t bring prices down, but it volition dilatory the increase," helium said.

Office and commercialized projects are expected connected the tract later, and the developers indispensable marque improvements to Lake Wheeler Road arsenic portion of the project, including installing curbs and gutters, medians and walkways.

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