How to leverage the power of Power BI using Apple technologies

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Microsoft's Power BI helps professionals, including Apple users, amended recognize their data. Here's however users with an iPhone, iPad oregon Mac tin instrumentality vantage of each Power BI offers.

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The popularity of bestsellers specified arsenic Jill Lepore's "If Then" and Tim Harford's "The Data Detective" attest to the value businesses and professionals are placing connected tracking, reporting and knowing data.

Data is truthful plentiful that it's a situation for organizations to marque consciousness of it. When method struggles related to information arise, exertion developers present bundle programs designed to help, and Microsoft is nary exception. The Power BI app, disposable to Microsoft 365 subscribers successful some Pro and Premium versions, assists firms successful amended making consciousness of the information they collect, including utilizing Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Take the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The storied museum's Thomas J. Watson Library, which maintains much than a cardinal volumes and a broad postulation of integer resources, precocious compiled six years of lending accusation with further specially selected information to find however services and investments lucifer needs. The resulting Power BI information visualizations confirmed maturation of some people and integer postulation request portion besides providing a amended knowing of patron and unit enactment and occurrence resulting from migrating informational blog pages to the museum's site. In fact, resulting Power BI insights proved truthful compelling that unit chose to publish immoderate dashboards to The Met's nationalist website.

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Professionals employing Apple technologies tin leverage the aforesaid Power BI capabilities. Users tin download and instal iOS- and iPadOS-specific versions of Microsoft's Power BI app astatine nary charge; licence fees use to the mentation used. Mac users tin usage Apple Safari to entree and manipulate their organization's accusation utilizing Power BI.

After a idiosyncratic authenticates by entering credentials for her firm's Microsoft 365 relationship wrong the iPad oregon iPhone app, she tin link to and exemplary accusation utilizing self-service information connectors, presumption reports, permission comments and stock her insights with different squad members. A Power BI location leafage wrong the app (Figure A) assists with organizing data, provides speedy entree to often accessed contented and offers a centralized starting point. Using the iOS and iPadOS Power BI app, users tin besides acceptable triggers to person circumstantial information alerts and negociate notifications to amended alteration keeping gait with information trends and changes arsenic they occur.

Figure A


The iPhone app's Home leafage provides speedy entree to commonly accessed Power Bi elements.

Image: Microsoft

The iPhone and iPad Power BI apps provide, successful summation to the Home page, icons for visiting Favorites, Apps and Workspaces. A More icon, contiguous astatine the bottommost of the Power BI app screen, provides entree to Recents, Shared With Me, Samples and a Scanner, which permits scanning QR codes and uploading images. Don't underestimate the value of the Scanning capability, which enables creating QR codes for reports, tiles wrong the information reporting dashboard and the quality to presumption tile accusation wrong an augmented reality view. QR codes tin beryllium utilized to simplify nonstop study entree for colleagues, portion users tin besides leverage barcodes to supply nonstop entree to Power BI reports and information show metrics for the circumstantial merchandise from which the barcode came.

The iPad format, by virtuousness of being larger, presents adjacent much accusation for Power BI users (Figure B).

Figure B


The Power BI iPad app simplifies monitoring information and reports arsenic they're updated by presenting much accusation wrong its display.

Image: Microsoft

Using Apple macOS and the Safari browser, Mac users tin navigate to the Power BI tract and entree favorites and precocious accessed information, make caller pages, reappraisal datasets and goals and more. The useful navigation barroom appears connected the near broadside of the leafage (Figure C).

Figure C


Mac users tin entree their organization's Power BI information utilizing Safari.

Alternatively, Mac users tin load Power BI arsenic an app wrong the macOS-specific Microsoft Teams program. To bash so, unfastened Teams, click the More icon from the left-hand navigation menu, click More Apps, item Power BI and click the Add fastener that appears. Once added to Teams, the Power BI app appears arsenic an icon wrong the navigation barroom and, erstwhile selected, displays the aforesaid accusation arsenic its web-browser counterpart. The Power BI app tin besides beryllium "popped out" of Microsoft Teams by close clicking the app successful the left-hand navigation paper and selecting Pop Out App, thereby providing Mac users with a seemingly dedicated Power BI app straight connected the Mac.

Power BI licensing details

Multiple Power BI licensing options are available. Organizations whitethorn prime Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium (per user) oregon Power BI Premium (per capacity).

With Power BI Pro, firms wage $9.99 per idiosyncratic per month. The Power BI Pro enactment is included wrong the Microsoft 365 E5 plan and provides mobile app access, the quality to people reports, exemplary size and refresh limits of 1GB and 8 per day, respectively, and maximum retention of 10GB per user, among different features.

Power BI Premium delivers the aforesaid features but increases exemplary size and refresh limits to 100GB and 48 per day, respectively, portion adding precocious artificial intelligence and XMLA endpoint capabilities, arsenic good arsenic 100TB of storage. Microsoft collects $20 per idiosyncratic per period for the Power BI Premium (per user) license.

Firms tin opt to licence Power BI Premium utilizing a per capableness model, for which pricing begins astatine $4,995 per month. Using Power BI Premium per capableness licensing, organizations summation entree to contented without requiring idiosyncratic per-user licenses and on-premises Power BI Report Server reporting. The per capableness exemplary increases the exemplary size bounds to 400GB, portion the refresh complaint and maximum retention stay astatine 48/day and 100TB, arsenic with the per idiosyncratic option. Other per capableness features see aggregate deployment absorption features and amended enactment for automatically scaling availability (for a abstracted further charge) arsenic idiosyncratic and accusation sets turn and further virtual server cores are required to decently process corresponding task data.

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