'I haven't eaten': Durham senior's public housing infested with maggots

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By Sarah Krueger, WRAL Reporter

Durham, N.C. — The Durham Housing Authority is pledging to instrumentality enactment to amended support its elder flat analyzable agelong known arsenic OIdham Towers aft 82-year-old Virginia Lucke showed WRAL News the maggots crawling nether her flat door.

Lucke, visibly distraught, told WRAL News she tin hardly devour oregon slumber due to the fact that she's truthful terrified by the maggot infestation. She said others successful the nationalist lodging complex, present known arsenic 519 E. Main St., are experiencing the aforesaid problem.

The infestation is caused by trash piling up extracurricular of the trash disposal chutes. Lucke says the garbage chutes aren't emptied often enough.

Maggot astatine  Durham Housing Authority elder  lodging  complex

"I haven’t eaten thing since yesterday. And I’m a diabetic, truthful I person to eat. But I support throwing it up due to the fact that of the stench," Lucke said.

After WRAL News contacted the Durham Housing Authority astir the problems, DHA CEO Anthony Scott responded that the trash chute was jammed.

"The chute has gotten clogged due to the fact that of debris. It was cleared by unit and different clog occurred. It has been cleared," Scott texted WRAL News Friday afternoon.

Scott besides said the maggot-infested areas volition beryllium disinfected.

The Oldham Towers analyzable was built successful 1969 and it's slated for redevelopment soon. But low-income elder citizens are inactive surviving determination for now, and Lucke said they shouldn't beryllium forgotten.

Some residents besides don't person functioning aerial conditioning successful sweltering summertime heat. A section pistillate started a Go Fund Me leafage to assistance bargain fans for the residents. It's raised respective 100 dollars truthful acold from the community.

Lucke says residents successful the Oldham Towers should not person to unrecorded similar this.

"I wage the rent here, and I’ve been present 28 years. I’ve ne'er been precocious connected my rent. I’ve paid it connected time," Luck said. "All of america that bash that merit to astatine slightest beryllium comfortable."

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