Illness rocks Demons' grand final preparation

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Melbourne manager Simon Goodwin has sent a scare done the campy conscionable a week retired from the AFL expansive final, aft being forced into isolation with an illness.

Goodwin, on with adjunct manager Adem Yze, missed the Demons' grooming league this greeting aft waking up with gastro symptoms.

Their determination to isolate is being described arsenic a precaution, with nary different members of the squad displaying symptoms.

"He's woken up a small spot crook – some him and Ooz (Yze)," said adjunct manager Troy Chaplin.

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"They'll beryllium good travel time but the nine didn't privation to instrumentality immoderate risk. The docs said to enactment back.

"Given the stakes astatine hand, it's important to marque definite we don't person thing that sweeps done the full club.

"It's a beauteous airy league contiguous truthful each the different coaches volition get a fewer different unit to assistance america out."

The Demons volition person played conscionable 1 crippled successful 28 days by the clip of adjacent weekend's expansive final, and had been expected to person a coagulated deed retired tomorrow.

Just a week agone six members of the Geelong broadside were struck down by illness connected the eve of the preliminary last against Melbourne.

But Chaplin says they haven't looked into however the Demons' brace caught the virus.

Simon Goodwin (Getty)

"Not really, it's conscionable bobbed up. All the different boys are OK astatine the infinitesimal truthful we'll conscionable play it by receptor and hopefully we've got connected apical of it beauteous early," Chaplin said.

"We're inactive 8 days retired from the expansive last and if it's going to happen, you'd alternatively it hap now. At the infinitesimal it's conscionable those 2 guys and arsenic of 8 o'clock this greeting they conscionable went consecutive backmost to their country and determination was nary cross-contamination betwixt coaches oregon players.

"Because we're retired of lockdown and doing our ain happening I don't deliberation it's got thing to bash with wherever we're staying. Those boys were retired yesterday. It's unfortunate, it's 1 that's not precocious hazard astatine the moment, the nine is conscionable taking ever precaution possible."

Melbourne volition look the Western Bulldogs successful adjacent week's expansive final, the archetypal clip the Demons person played successful the decider successful 21 years, arsenic they question their archetypal premiership since 1964.

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