More than 430 coronavirus cases reported in Wake County schools ahead of first day of classes

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By Ali Ingersoll, WRAL information newsman & Lena Tillett, WRAL anchor/reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — As students hole to caput back-to-school, coronavirus cases successful children are ticking upward. Nearly a 5th of each coronavirus cases reported successful North Carolina are among children nether 18 arsenic of Friday.

So acold this month, determination person been much than 430 confirmed coronavirus cases connected to Wake County Public Schools. The bulk of those cases are among students successful year-round schools, territory information shows.

The cardinal to keeping children harmless from COVID-19 this semester is masking, according to Dr. Danny Benjamin, a pediatric infectious illness specializer with Duke University's School of Medicine.

"Once schools enactment successful spot masking, astir everything falls into place," helium said.

Herbert Akins Road Elementary School confirmed the astir cases truthful acold this period -- 26.

Each week, WCPSS is adding connected mean 33 cases each day. The highest fig of caller cases, pending oregon confirmed, came connected back-to-back days this week.

Benjamin said he's acrophobic astir the students who are going to schoolhouse successful districts that don't necessitate masks.

"I expect that these different schoolhouse districts volition spell to cosmopolitan masking successful the adjacent mates weeks," helium said.

Schools should besides "play by the rules" of quarantine, helium said. If determination is nary disguise mandate successful place, a pupil who tested affirmative for COVID-19 could perchance nonstop dozens of different students into quarantine, helium said. But, if determination is simply a disguise mandate successful place, past those who were astir the affirmative pupil would lone person to quarantine if they were acquisition COVID-19 symptoms.

Some counties are reporting higher numbers of children with COVID-19 cases. Hyde County has the astir fig of children sick — 5 of the 11 cases reported past week were among children.

About 22% of each coronavirus cases reported successful Durham and Orange counties were among children, authorities information shows.

Benjamin said he's acrophobic astir lunchtime for students. He advises that students bounds their magnitude of clip unmasked, indoors, arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

"If you cannot devour outside, past eating wrong spaced 6 feet isolated is the adjacent champion option," helium said.

He besides recommended that schools instrumentality a seating illustration to assistance with interaction tracing.

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