N64 wireless controller for Switch could be revealed this week

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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo appears to person a caller wireless Switch controller successful the works, which galore judge to beryllium a mentation of the much-loved N64 gamepad. 

Details gleaned from an FCC filing - archetypal uncovered by Vooks - denoted a instrumentality with the exemplary fig HAC-043.

Now it seems that we'll find retired precisely what it is this coming Friday, 24 September 2021, arsenic a 2nd filing commits to "short-term confidential" accusation being made disposable that day. VGC claims this volition see pictures and diagrams.

Considering that a caller Nintendo Direct is besides heavy rumoured for this month, the clues are starting to add-up.

Two things marque america and galore others judge the instrumentality is an N64 controller. First, Nintendo tends to people the Switch and each of the peripherals with the 'HAC' moniker, with this latest introduction sitting 1 fig higher than the wireless SNES controller we saw released successful 2019. And second, a study precocious claimed that the Japanese gaming elephantine has plans to present classic N64 games to its Switch Online service - perchance arsenic portion of a premium tier.

Considering it released its wireless SNES controller to play classical SNES titles done the service, positive NES controllers for the equivalent games too, it makes consciousness that an N64 gamepad is besides connected the horizon.

The basal details of the listing truthful acold bash stock that the instrumentality is some wireless and supports Bluetooth. It besides appears to gully much powerfulness - 3.5mW - than the Joy-Con's 2.7mW.

As to erstwhile it could beryllium released, that's anyone's guess. Also, with the Switch OLED arriving successful October, the mysterious caller instrumentality could adjacent conscionable beryllium a somewhat tweaked mentation of the Pro Controller. 

For now, there's thing to bash but play the waiting game. Until Friday, astatine least.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Conor Allison. Originally published connected 17 September 2021.

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