NC man who claimed to have bomb near US Capitol charged, could face life in prison

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By MICHAEL BALSAMO, Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A antheral who claimed helium had a weaponry successful a pickup motortruck adjacent the U.S. Capitol, prompting evacuations and an hourslong standoff with police, told a national justice Friday helium has not taken his “mind medication” and was ordered to acquisition a intelligence competency hearing.

Floyd Ray Roseberry appeared earlier a national magistrate justice successful Washington and was charged with threatening to usage a limb of wide demolition and attempting to usage an explosive device. If convicted, helium could look a condemnation of up to beingness successful prison.

Roseberry, 49, of Grover, North Carolina, drove a achromatic pickup motortruck onto the sidewalk extracurricular the Library of Congress astir 9:15 a.m. Thursday and began shouting to radical successful the thoroughfare that helium had a bomb. He aboriginal made the aforesaid weaponry threats to constabulary officers and professed a litany of antigovernment grievances arsenic portion of a bizarre occurrence that helium live-streamed for a Facebook audience.

A instrumentality enforcement authoritative successful North Carolina had recognized Roseberry and contacted the FBI to archer agents that idiosyncratic had reported that Roseberry had precocious “expressed anti-government views and an intent to question to Virginia oregon Washington, D.C. to behaviour acts of violence," according to tribunal papers. The idiosyncratic said Roseberry besides told them helium ordered a trench overgarment “to support him from Taser and capsicum shot guns and helium would conscionable extremity his cowboy chapeau astatine the police.”

During the standoff, Roseberry was communicating with constabulary by utilizing a tiny dry-erase committee that helium was holding against the driver’s broadside model of the truck. “Please don’t sprout the windows the vibe volition detonate the bomb,” 1 read, according to tribunal papers.

Roseberry surrendered aft astir 5 hours. Police aboriginal said they did not find a weaponry but did cod imaginable bomb-making materials.

Investigators collected the instrumentality Roseberry had been holding — a ample rusty tin with what helium had claimed was a detonator connected apical of it. The tin had astir an inch oregon 2 of an unidentified pulverization successful the bottommost of it and a “fabricated trigger was attached to the top,” tribunal papers said. The tin was sent to an FBI laboratory to beryllium examined.

In the tribunal proceeding Friday, Roseberry told the justice helium couldn’t afloat recognize what was happening due to the fact that helium had been denied medicine portion helium was successful custody. Roseberry told the justice helium had gone to schoolhouse until the eighth people and past aboriginal earned a GED diploma.

He said helium had not received medicine for his humor unit and his “mind medicine.” Roseberry said helium had “been denied it for the past week I’ve been here,” but aboriginal said it had been 2 days.

He was taken into constabulary custody astir 24 hours earlier helium appeared successful court.

Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui ordered Roseberry to acquisition a competency proceeding and ordered him detained without bond.

Roseberry is owed backmost successful tribunal Wednesday.

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