North Hills seeks to add 40-story towers to its own skyline

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By Laura Leslie, WRAL Capitol Bureau chief

Raleigh, N.C. — Four much skyscrapers could beryllium coming to Raleigh, but they wouldn't beryllium portion of the city's downtown skyline.

Kane Realty plans to taxable a rezoning exertion that would let the developer to physique 2 towers up to 40 stories tall, 1 up to 30 stories and different up to 12 stories successful North Hills.

The tallest gathering successful downtown Raleigh is PNC Plaza, astatine 32 stories. The Walter condominium operation successful North Hills is the city's tallest building, astatine 35 stories.

The projected 40-story buildings would regenerate 2 parking tons on Six Forks Road. The 30-story gathering would beryllium astatine the backmost broadside of the development, on Interstate 440, portion the smallest of the 4 would beryllium astatine the northbound broadside of the Lassiter astatine North Hills buying center.

Bonner Gaylord, main operating serviceman for Kane Realty, called the connection the smartest mode to negociate municipality growth.

"We tin either turn retired done sprawl oregon up done municipality density," Gaylord said. "We can't bash municipality density successful everybody's vicinity – cipher wants their vicinity torn down – truthful we person to prime the spots wherever we already person that density to make more. We're not making immoderate much land."

The 4 buildings would beryllium mixed use, with retail connected the crushed level and a premix of offices and residential abstraction supra that. Parking to regenerate the mislaid tons mightiness beryllium moved into underground garages arsenic portion of the plan.

Construction apt wouldn’t get underway for respective years, but Kane officials person already started talking to radical who unrecorded and ain businesses successful the area.

"All of the instantly adjacent neighbors person voiced enactment it for truthful far," Gaylord said. "They mostly person bought here, knowing what North Hills is and that's what they moved present for. So, much of that – much retail, restaurants and amenities – is simply a bully happening for them.

Melissa Franklin, whose household lives successful an flat crossed the thoroughfare from North Hills, said she looks guardant to the opportunities Kane's connection would bring.

"It's truly breathtaking to spot that we're going to person much opportunities to get out," Franklin said. "Moving successful present 2 years agone astatine opening of COVID, we haven't gotten to spot anything, truthful this is, you know, I'm excited it's going crossed the street."

She added, however, that she's "just acceptable for immoderate quiet," noting operation is already underway connected a 10-story gathering where the JCPenney store was successful North Hills.

"We're excited for each the caller assemblage worldly to travel up but conscionable acceptable for the operation to beryllium over," she said.

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