Only on WRAL: Wake Co. mother endures scary morning after 5-year-old son with autism dropped off at wrong school

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By Chris Lovingood, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — A 5-year-old lad with autism was dropped disconnected astatine the incorrect schoolhouse connected Tuesday morning, starring the parent to acquisition each parent's nightmare of not knowing wherever their kid is.

Britney Clark reached retired to WRAL aft the proscription institution that takes her lad to schoolhouse dropped him disconnected for the time astatine Conn Magnet School. The occupation is 5-year-old Noah goes to Powell Elementary. Noah's teacher astatine Powell called Clark erstwhile helium didn't amusement up, prompting her to panic.

Roughly an hr passed with Clark not knowing wherever Noah was.

"Anything could person happened to my kid," Clark said. "He has autism. He's a wanderer. He could person ran crossed the street, idiosyncratic could person came and picked my kid up. Anything could person happened."

The pistillate claims her lad told the operator for D&D Transit that helium didn't spell to Conn. The operator dismissed Noah's words, telling him to get disconnected the bus.

"I said this isn't my school," said Noah. "They said 'yes, this is.'"

Clark said she called D&D 3 times, wanting an explanation. She didn't perceive backmost initially.

Noah rides with a harness and frankincense can't thrust connected a accepted schoolhouse bus. The territory uses D&D Transit to transport children with peculiar needs.

"I consciousness they should person listened to him erstwhile helium said helium went to Powell Elementary that, that was his incorrect school," Clark said.

Clark said the proprietor of D&D Transit yet got up with her, saying Noah's sanction had the incorrect schoolhouse listed connected a expanse of insubstantial astatine the office, but the lad has a tag connected his bookbag that shows precisely wherever helium should beryllium dropped off.

A manager with D&D Transit responded to the incidental to WRAL News implicit the phone.

"The operator made an mistake successful judgement and we are doing the indispensable things to marque definite that doesn't hap again." The manager besides said, "in this industry, things happen."

After WRAL News reached retired to the company, the parent said the proprietor apologized to her for the mishap.

But the apology wasn't capable for Clark.

"That's similar a dagger to the bosom beauteous much," she said. "Like, things happen? It's my kid that we're talking about."

Clark says she's had problems with different proscription services for Noah before. After Tuesday, she's considering changing schools, truthful she tin instrumentality him herself.

"I honestly person mislaid each assurance successful the proscription system," Clark said.

WRAL News reached retired to Wake County Public Schools for comment, but did not perceive back.

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