Overwatch Executive Producer Departs Blizzard

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Blizzard has mislaid 1 of Overwatch's leaders successful Chacko Sonny, who served arsenic enforcement producer on the franchise including a enactment relation in Overwatch 2. The departure comes successful the mediate of a bid of lawsuits against Activision Blizzard regarding civilian rights and adjacent pay, including allegations it fostered a toxic workplace culture rife with intersexual harassment and discrimination. 

Bloomberg reports that Sonny informed the squad of his departure past week, and his past time is Friday, September 24. Sonny joined Blizzard successful 2016 arsenic a accumulation manager for Overwatch earlier moving up to an enforcement relation 2 years later, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

A Blizzard typical speaking to Polygon doesn’t notation the lawsuits, telling the outlet that Sonny is leaving to “take immoderate clip disconnected aft 5 years of service.” Blizzard employees that spoke to Bloomberg also said they weren’t alert of immoderate allegations against Sonny and that helium was well-liked overall. It appears that, for now, Sonny isn't successful the aforesaid occupation arsenic other leaders who person been implicated successful the lawsuits. Regardless of the crushed for his resignation, it’s different high-profile exit aft Overwatch manager Jeff Kaplan departed the company successful April. 

Despite seemingly raising different reddish emblem for Overwatch 2's development, Blizzard told Polygon that the crippled is successful its last stages of accumulation and that the squad is making “excellent progress” overall. Overwatch 2 has nary merchandise model but is expected to motorboat successful 2022. 

Sonny’s departure is different shake-up successful what’s been a rocky mates of months for Activision Blizzard. Their troubles lone worsened this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a national agency, launching its ain investigation into the company. Among different things, the SEC wants documents and different communications regarding the corporation’s handling of the galore worker allegations levied against it, with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick and different apical executives being subpoenaed. Activision has stated that it is cooperating with the SEC’s investigation.

[Sources: Bloomberg, Polygon]

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