Raleigh police chief wants more cops, cameras in crime-prone areas

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By Keely Arthur, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — Two months aft taking office, Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson connected Thursday started laying retired her plans to combat transgression successful the city.

"One of the things I person repeatedly expressed is my tendency to marque Raleigh the safest metropolis successful America," Patterson said during a quality league successful which she elaborate transgression statistic for the July-to-September quarter.

A twelve homicides occurred successful Raleigh during the three-month period, up 33 percent from the aforesaid clip past twelvemonth and triple the fig from 2019.

"I judge what we are experiencing with homicides, unfortunately, is portion of a disturbing nationalist trend, based connected increases successful weapon unit that is starring to lives being lost," Patterson said.

Four of the 12 homicides occurred astatine bars, nightclubs oregon sweepstakes locations, she said, truthful her officers volition look much intimately astatine those businesses "and the benignant of radical that are attending them."

Raleigh constabulary volition usage a targeted attack to onslaught crime, the main said, utilizing a operation of much predominant patrols, surveillance cameras and assemblage tips successful high-crime areas.

"We are intent connected coming aft you if you perpetrate convulsive transgression successful our city," she said. "We are not tolerant of it, and we are not accepting of it."

One obstacle to the strategy, Patterson noted, is that the Raleigh Police Department has 100 vacant positions close now.

City Councilman Corey Branch said boosting the effectiveness of constabulary is "all astir relationships."

"[They should be] uncovering ways wherever they whitethorn not person to beryllium successful their afloat azygous and uncovering a mode for them to spell retired into the assemblage truthful radical tin spot that they’re quality and not conscionable a idiosyncratic with a badge and a gun," Branch said.

Also past quarter, aggravated assaults were up 10 percent, but assaults involving guns jumped 26 percent.

Although robberies were down 8 percent during the quarter, conveyance thefts were up 12 percent. Patterson added that determination were astir 700 thefts from vehicles crossed Raleigh successful the past 3 months, including 79 incidents successful which guns were taken.

The main urged radical to fastener their vehicles, not to permission them moving unattended connected acold mornings and to stash immoderate valuables inside.

"If we are going to support Raleigh safe, we indispensable instrumentality a unified attack wherever we basal and hold unneurotic that unit is unacceptable," she said.

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