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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One Afghan pistillate who moved to Baltimore 4 years agone has a connection for the United States: rescue Afghan women now.

She’s been receiving frantic messages from her friends, each of them women, each of them person worked for the U.S. and increasing much fearful by the day.

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“They’re sending maine dependable messages and telling maine that they don’t cognize what to do, they’re acrophobic and their families are afraid,” she told WJZ successful an interrogation Thursday. She did not privation to beryllium identified by sanction oregon amusement her look retired of fearfulness for her ain safety.

But fearfulness is what Afghans astir the satellite are feeling. Her friends successful Kabul are fearful they whitethorn beryllium taken and killed by the Taliban.

“They cognize that the Taliban person the lists of their names, the Taliban volition termination the girls and the women and my friends,” she said.

As days spell by, her anticipation fades and she said her bosom aches for them.

“They are going location to location and looking for radical that person worked for the government, for the U.S., for our allies and rounding them up and doing horrible things to them,” said Mike Wilson.

Wilson, a Maryland native, served successful Afghanistan for the subject successful 2010. He’s trying to get the interpreter helium worked with retired of Kabul.

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“He’s successful fearfulness but he’s besides successful fearfulness for his household and the retribution that whitethorn travel if helium leaves,” said Wilson who said he’s doing everything helium perchance tin to assistance get the interpreter on with his household to Maryland.

But for the galore who did marque it retired and are arriving successful the DC/Maryland portion daily, they’re starting from scratch.

“Many of them are coming with virtually their apparel connected their backs…because they’ve fled a war-torn country,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, CEO of the Baltimore-based organization, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS).

LIRS is 1 of 9 resettlement agencies helping the refugees helping resettle the Afghans.

Vignarajah said they request assistance – donations oregon volunteers – they’re accepting anyone successful the country consenting to lend a hand.

“Having communities consenting to prosecute consenting to measurement up is the lone mode we’re gonna get this done.”

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