Several concerts in Triangle offering rapid COVID-19 tests to attendees before entrance

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By Aaron Thomas, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — As unrecorded performances look during the coronavirus pandemic, performance venues and adjacent performers are stepping up COVID-19 protocols.

On Tuesday night, Red Hat Amphitheatre offered accelerated coronavirus tests earlier guests entered the downtown Raleigh venue. The set Judas Priest requested fans trial wrong 72 hours of the lawsuit oregon amusement afloat vaccination presumption against COVID-19.

"It's truly bully to get retired and bask unrecorded euphony again," said concertgoer Anne Childress.

Fans, similar Childress, said determination were anxious to participate the euphony venue for unrecorded entertainment. But, earlier entering, guests had to supply impervious of vaccination oregon antagonistic tests results.

Concertgoer Korey Johnson said helium forgot to bring his vaccination paper with him to the event. But for astir $40, helium was capable to instrumentality vantage of accelerated COVID-19 antigen investigating connected site.

"It's bully due to the fact that you ne'er cognize erstwhile you hap to get sick connected your mode here," said Johnson.

Guests pre-register online oregon tin motion up on-site done a QR code. An attendant volition past supply an idiosyncratic with a trial to springiness to a COVID-19 screener. After completing a chemoreceptor swab, radical hold astir 10 minutes for the results.

"If it's positive, past of course, you'll get a refund for your ticket. You cannot person entrance," said Latia Johnson, who helped behaviour the accelerated investigating astatine Tuesday's event.

Dr. Scott Shane, the manager of the authorities Public Health Laboratory, said accelerated antigen tests are effective, but radical should beryllium cautious.

"[They're] astir effectual erstwhile utilized connected radical with symptoms. That's erstwhile their sensitivity is highest," explained Shane. "If you are symptomatic and you trial antagonistic connected these accelerated test, you request to prosecute further testing, not lone to spot if it was a mendacious negative, but due to the fact that you could beryllium infected with different virus."

Triangle performance  goers caput  to shows knowing the dangers of COVID

The U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention and wellness attraction experts said PCR tests are considered the golden standard. Results are produced successful a laboratory and instrumentality longer, either respective hours oregon days, depending connected demand, but astir accurate.

Maroon 5 volition beryllium performing astatine Coastal Federal Credit Union Amphitheater astatine Walnut Creek connected Wednesday with akin information protocols successful place.

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