Threaten a school on social media? You could spend big $$ in fines, time in jail

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By Lora Lavigne, WRAL reporter

Wendell, N.C. — The latest societal media menace against a North Carolina nationalist schoolhouse outgo East Wake High School students astir 60 minutes of people clip Tuesday, and the outgo could beryllium overmuch higher for the idiosyncratic who created the post.

Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker wants students and parents to cognize that a societal station is not a elemental prank. The instigator could look transgression charges.

"There are consequences," Baker said. "It could effect successful transgression charges. It could effect successful being expelled."

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said the idiosyncratic who posts a menace could beryllium charged with "a menace of wide of unit connected acquisition property. That is simply a Class H felony." That complaint is the aforesaid whether the culprit is an big oregon nether 18. A Class H felony tin mean a situation condemnation of 4 to 25 months.

“We person cases wherever immoderate individuals person been charged for this benignant of lawsuit wherever they’ve ended up paying thousands of dollars successful restitution, wherever they person spent clip successful jail,” Freeman said.

The menace against East Wake High School was the 2nd menace against a Wake County schoolhouse successful arsenic galore days. Parents of students astatine Heritage High School successful Wake Forest got a connection from Principal Scott Lyons connected Monday astir "a concerning station connected societal media that listed the sanction of our schoolhouse and contained images of guns."

In the latest threat, a photograph from SnapChat showed a weapon and the words "Eastwake beryllium ready."

Baker said the notation of a circumstantial clip successful that station was among the factors that caught his attention.

Cumberland County Schools

"With each we’ve got going connected today, with schoolhouse shootings close present locally ... we thought it was indispensable to spell up and get up of what could’ve happened," helium said, noting that deputies had been investigating the station for a fewer days earlier Tuesday's lockdown.

The schoolhouse was concisely connected a "code red" lockdown, and, Baker said, deputies were afloat staffed and equipped to respond to a imaginable shooting.

"We came connected retired to marque definite that thing happens," helium said.

No suspects person been identified successful either of the threats.

Celia Lorenzana, parent of students successful ninth and 10th grades, said her girl told her they waited, locked wrong the schoolroom with the lights off.

"I’m perpetually calling him saying, 'Are you OK? Can you travel out? Where are you?'" Stephanie Dixon, who has a lad astatine East Wake High, told WRAL News. "All I privation to bash is spot him, hug him and cognize that helium is OK."

Classes resumed arsenic scheduled earlier noon.

"Law enforcement officials person determined our field to beryllium harmless for mean operations," Principal Stacy Alston wrote successful a connection to parents.

Additional instrumentality enforcement and information unit volition stay connected field for the remainder of the week, and afterschool activities volition beryllium canceled connected Tuesday to let for a second, thorough information sweep, Alston said.

Baker said deputies would "sweep the gathering and marque definite that determination isn’t immoderate menace oregon thing that whitethorn person been near by idiosyncratic who whitethorn person had thoughts of causing harm."

After the lockdown was lifted, immoderate East Wake High students chose to permission for the time with parents, who, alerted to the threat, lined up extracurricular the school's Rolesville Road campus.

Some of them questioned the connection during the emergency.

"I felt like, maybe, if the schoolhouse would’ve sent retired a substance for each of america to say, 'No worries. There is nary progressive shooter successful the school,' we would’ve felt better. But we didn’t get that, and immoderate parents are truly retired present screaming and upset, and the tears were determination due to the fact that we haven’t heard thing from them," Dixon said.


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