UFC star blasts rival after weight debacle

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Italian UFC prima Marvin Vettori was acold from impressed with his hostile Paulo Costa contempt winning today's main event.

After going down to middleweight champion Israel Adesanya successful June, Vettori (now 18–5–1) bounced backmost by outlasting Brazilian Costa via unanimous determination successful 5 rounds.

Not adjacent a caput footwear consecutive crossed Vettori's chin could instrumentality the Italian down.

"The kicks [from Costa] were the astir awesome happening for me," Vettori said aft the fight.

"It was afloat power."

Leading into today's showdown, Costa had caused the UFC and Vettori a fig of headaches.

Vettori and Costa's clash was primitively acceptable for 185 pounds earlier Costa declared helium wouldn't marque weight, resulting successful a 195-pound catchweight.

But past it became a 205-pound airy heavyweight bout conscionable a fewer hours earlier the weigh-ins.

The debacle besides resulted successful Costa forfeiting 20 per cent of his purse to Vettori.

"He's a c**t," Vettori said of his hostile aft the fight.

"He should've made weight.

"It's a respect to each of us. But, you know, I get to bargain myself different ticker with his money, and I inactive got the triumph — and I'm arrogant of it."

Marvin Vettori of Italy reacts aft his triumph implicit Paulo Costa of Brazil (Getty)

UFC president Dana White praised Vettori's professionalism and credited the Italian combatant for allowing the main lawsuit to spell ahead.

"We were trying to support this combat live and marque definite that it happened, and we couldn't person done it without a feline similar Vettori," White said.

"Vettori acted similar an implicit professional, stud, a feline that's unthinkable to enactment with. That's wherefore this combat happened.

"He was consenting to combat astatine immoderate value and didn't fto this worldly messiness with his head. At the extremity of the day, it's each astir the fight.

"They some fought their ass off. Costa looked amended successful the 5th circular than helium did successful the archetypal round, truthful helium was decidedly successful shape. When a feline comes successful that heavy, you person to question whether he's successful signifier oregon not. He was successful shape."

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