Unvaccinated Meredith students could have to shell out $1,125 a semester for COVID tests

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By Joe Fisher, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — Some Meredith College students are voicing absorption against a caller argumentation that volition could deed them successful the wallet.

Meredith volition complaint unvaccinated students $75 a week for COVID-19 testing. After 15 weeks, that equals $1,125 for the semester.

The assemblage is requiring students to trial connected campus, arsenic opposed to a assemblage investigating site, to much rapidly place affirmative cases, statesman interaction tracing and initiate quarantines.

60% of Meredith’s 1,600 students are vaccinated, meaning much than 600 students are impacted by the caller policy.

An online petition has been started against the caller rule.

“A batch of radical I deliberation consciousness trapped due to the fact that they person already paid to spell to schoolhouse and present we person this,” said Taryn McKenrick, an unvaccinated pupil astatine Meredith. “Meredith has preached to america to amusement inclusivity and equality to each students my past 4 years astatine Meredith and this conscionable truly does not correspond the morals that they basal upon.”

Some students enactment the argumentation and accidental the interest could incentivize radical to get the vaccine.

Other students accidental that each students should beryllium tested and they should beryllium allowed to taxable a antagonistic trial from a escaped assemblage investigating site.

“We are a backstage assemblage and we expect each pupil to beryllium liable for immoderate fees are associated with her attendance,” said Jean Jackson, Vice President of Meredith. “We person galore students who unrecorded connected field and truthful we privation incorporate the spread.”

Students who tin not spend the outgo of investigating tin use for assistance done the college’s Office of Financial Assistance.

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