US marshals surround Durham home looking for fugitive who hadn't lived there in years

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By Sarah Krueger, WRAL Durham reporter

Durham, N.C. — A Durham mates was alarmed Monday erstwhile their location information cameras showed U.S. marshals attack their beforehand doorway with a integrative shield and guns drawn.

Authorities told Cleo Bell and her hubby the marshals were looking for a execution suspect, but Bell said Tuesday that her household has lived successful the location for much than 3 years.

"It’s precise scary due to the fact that we person a 2-year-old daughter. Had we been home, the concern could person been precise different," Bell said, noting that she near the location with her girl astir a fractional hr earlier the marshals arrived astatine 7:50 a.m.

Video from the doorbell camera shows a speedy glimpse of the marshals coming onto the beforehand structure earlier 1 of them covers the camera. They past knocked twice, identifying themselves arsenic instrumentality enforcement connected the 2nd try.

US marshals astatine  incorrect  house

The marshals tin beryllium seen successful video from different information camera walking astir the location and peering into windows. One of them had an assault-style firearm astatine the ready.

"You tin spot successful that model close there, it's acheronian – nary TV, nary lights," 1 of the marshals tells others.

Bell said her hubby saw the videos aboriginal that time portion astatine enactment and notified her.

"We were frightened to travel home. We didn’t know, would they inactive beryllium there?" she said. "We didn’t cognize what was going on. We knew we hadn’t done anything."

The mates called the Durham County Sheriff's Office and the Durham Police Department to find retired what was going connected and yet learned astir the hunt for the fugitive.

"We consciousness precise violated. I consciousness similar determination should beryllium much resources disposable for specified a large enactment wherever they could person done their research," Bell said.

The erstwhile proprietor of the location rented it out, she said, but she and her hubby bought it successful 2018.

US marshals astatine  incorrect  house

The U.S. Marshals Service didn't respond Tuesday to WRAL News' petition for comment.

Bell said she's thankful nary 1 was astatine location erstwhile the marshals arrived.

"Just with the past of events that person happened successful America with the African American community, who knows what would person happened?" she said. "Who knows? I could person acceptable the description? Who knows what would person happened?"

She said she worries it could hap to different homeowners and hopes the bureau is much cautious successful the aboriginal to guarantee they don't sound connected the incorrect doorway portion searching for a fugitive.

"I’m inactive connected edge. I volition astir apt beryllium connected borderline for a mates of weeks, to beryllium honest," she said.

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