Validide Announces Launch of Official Pre-Sale of 'Career Wallet'

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Validide, a cryptographic-based decentralized digital identity wallet system utilizing blockchain, announced the official pre-sale of its first product line, Career Wallet, designed to take control of sharing personal identity information required for job applications, making the process faster and more secure.

Validide's first of seven product lines is focused on allowing members to take control of their own digital identity and maintain their privacy when applying for jobs. Career Wallet is a one-stop shop for job applicants to quickly and safely share verified work information including employment and academic history, background checks, proof of work eligibility, and many other features.

The Validide app cuts down the time needed for background checks to a nearly instant process and minimizes the amount of personal information that is circulating online and in the general public, thereby decreasing the risk of identity theft.

"As someone that has run and managed recruitment businesses and large-scale recruitment campaigns, I strongly feel that Career Wallet gives members a distinct advantage by providing background-check credentials verified in a digital wallet," said Anthony Halvatzis, founder and CEO of Blockchain 121. "It saves recruiters and hiring managers significant time and money, which, in turn, would give the member a distinct advantage against other candidates."

Pre-sale packages are now available by visiting Validide. Special discounted pricing is available for a limited time. The app is expected to be released by the end of the year.

Validide's mission is to provide people with a way to prove their identity without sharing too much information. Since all central databases are hackable, Validide functions through blockchain to keep information safe, even deleting the information once it has been verified and placed into the member's wallet for their control. Validide is creating an ecosystem of trust so that different organizations, businesses, and consumers will be able to interact with the digital wallet while keeping their information safe.

Leveraging open-source decentralized blockchain technology and international standards for interoperability, Validide enables individuals to submit basic personal information and documents for verification. Validide then creates a verifiable credential while simultaneously deleting any personal identifying information from the blockchain.

"We envision Validide's services having wide-ranging benefits to employers, educational institutions, banks, and hospitals that seek a trusted way to verify personal information," said CEO and co-founder, blockchain expert and entrepreneur Dr. Gordon Jones. "By allowing individuals to share only the details of their choosing, Validide is transforming the future of personal data storage and privacy. This presale is an exciting step toward making that vision a reality."



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