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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police are conducting an interior probe aft location surveillance video shows an serviceman crook the camera distant from activity, aft constabulary entered the incorrect home.

A constabulary study obtained by the I-Team shows MPD received a 911 telephone astir 3 men arguing adjacent 12th Street and W. Finn Place aft 1:30 a.m. past Friday morning. The caller told constabulary 2 of the men had guns.

According to the report, erstwhile constabulary arrived, 1 of the men took disconnected southbound and an serviceman believed helium saw the antheral participate a home.

“I heard a large bang, similar idiosyncratic broke something,” Twan Versey said.

That large bang wasn’t the suspect, but police. The concern turned chaotic: As Versey came downstairs to spot what was going on, helium says helium saw much than a fractional twelve lights and guns pointed astatine him. His woman followed soon thereafter, arsenic arsenic confused and scared.

TMJ4 I-Team

“That’s erstwhile I started to panic,” Jackie Washington said. “My nephew, I spot the bath is closed and I cognize he’s successful there.”

Washington’s nephew, Keyon Davis-Washington, had been staying with them for a portion present to effort and get his terrible diabetic information nether control. Davis-Washington says his information makes it hard for him to power his bowels.

Last Friday morning, helium was successful the bathroom, cleaning himself up aft an accident. Completely naked, helium heard the chaos going connected extracurricular of the bathroom.

“When I heard the doorway get kicked, I froze up,” Davis-Washington said. “I started shaking, really, really, truly bad. I thought I was going to die. I virtually feared for my life.”

Versey’s location has a surveillance camera positioned connected the room stove. It captures astir of the surviving country and kitchen. It records successful 20 2nd increments aft thing triggers it, similar question oregon sound. The video shows officers clearing the home, looking for the suspect; a closet successful the surviving room, different country attached to the kitchen. However, erstwhile officers were moving connected getting Davis-Washington retired of the bathroom, 1 serviceman notices the camera connected the stove.

“He stepped to the broadside and arsenic different serviceman was coming into the room from the surviving room, you could perceive him drawback to him and fto him cognize determination was a camera successful there,” Versey said.

TMJ4 News I-Team

In the video, you spot the serviceman holster his weapon, and locomotion retired of frame. Three chiseled snaps are heard arsenic 2 officers crook to spot what’s going on. The serviceman coming from the surviving country walks up to the camera and turns it distant from the actions of the officers.

“Why would you interaction the camera?” Versey said. “If you came to bash your job, wherefore would you interaction the camera? Why would you set the camera successful the archetypal place? You knew you were doing thing wrong. You knew you were caught. That doesn't bash thing but marque the concern worse.”

What happened with Davis-Washington was not caught connected the surveillance camera. He says officers ordered him to enactment his hands up, contempt wearing lone a towel.

“With fractional a towel wrapped connected maine and feces inactive connected me, I travel retired of the restroom,” Davis-Washington said. “Instead of putting my hands up, I benignant of enactment my hands to my hips. I’m like, sir, I can’t enactment my hands up. If I enactment my hands up, I’m going to beryllium exposed and you’ll spot everything.”

Davis-Washington says during each of the commotion, helium near his telephone successful the bath purposefully. He says the actions of constabulary sidesplitting unarmed Black men was each helium was reasoning about.

Keyon Davis-Washington with his phone

Tamott Wolverton

Keyon Davis-Washington feared constabulary would sprout him if helium brought his telephone retired of the bathroom, believing it could beryllium a weapon.

“I knew if I grabbed thing oregon had thing successful my hands, they’d astir apt deliberation I had a weapon successful my hands and astir apt fire,” Davis-Washington said. “My archetypal thought was, I don’t privation to get shot. I’m trying to not get shot. Trying not to marque the incorrect determination oregon thing due to the fact that I know, if I did marque the incorrect move, I was going to beryllium shot.”

“What truly messed maine up was erstwhile you turned that camera astir and y’all had each the guns connected my nephew,” Washington said. “Y’all were hoping this imaginary idiosyncratic y’all were chasing was successful that bath and, each praise to the astir high, my nephew did not locomotion retired with that telephone due to the fact that helium would person been dead. 20 years old. Dead.”

TMJ4 ITeam

Davis-Washington walked backward retired of the home, barefoot with lone a towel on. Because constabulary busted done the door, it broke a reflector on the wall. Davis-Washington walked done it connected his mode retired of the home.

The Milwaukee Police Department wouldn’t remark astir what happened, lone saying, “The actions of our members related to this incidental are the taxable of an interior investigation.”

According to constabulary accounts of the incident, MPD was “dispatched to a taxable with weapon ailment that occurred connected August 6, 2021, astatine astir 1:38 a.m., connected the 1100 artifact of W. Finn Place. Upon arrival, officers observed an idiosyncratic that matched the statement of the taxable with weapon that was provided by the caller. Officers attempted to interrogation the subject; however, the idiosyncratic fled connected ft and a ft pursuit ensued. The pursuit ended erstwhile the serviceman suspected the fishy entered a residence connected the 3500 artifact of N. 11th Street. Entry was made and the residence was cleared; however, the fishy was not located successful the residence. Officers located a firearm extracurricular successful the vicinity of the residence. No further accusation is disposable astatine this clip arsenic this incidental is nether review.”

According to the incidental report, constabulary recovered a weapon astatine the location adjacent to Versey’s, successful the backyard adjacent a obstruction the fishy jumped over. The study besides mistakenly lists the location constabulary went into to beryllium connected a antithetic thoroughfare than Versey’s home. The study aboriginal makes a correction to clarify Versey’s address.

Versey questions whether the code alteration was a correction oregon a mistake from the start. He besides questions constabulary motive for entering his home. Versey says officers told him 1 of them heard the surface doorway of his location adjacent and assumed it was the suspect.

"We tin perceive that surface doorway unfastened and close," Washington said. "Even if I'm upstairs, we tin perceive erstwhile you're connected the porch. We didn't perceive anything."

The incidental study mentions nary shots were fired and nary 1 was injured arsenic a effect of the 3 men arguing astir the country from his home. Versey says an officer, explaining wherefore constabulary entered his home, claimed they were looking for an progressive shooter and asked “did you perceive immoderate shots?”

“Someone needs to beryllium disciplined,” Versey said. “Somebody’s not doing their job. These dudes request to beryllium fired. They can’t support doing each this.”

Twan Versey successful  kitchen

TMJ4 News

Twan Versey received a enactment from MPD astir fixing the doorway they broke, entering a location they mistakenly believed a fishy with a weapon entered. Versey's doorway was incapable to beryllium locked for days.

Since March of 2020, determination person been astatine slightest four-high, profile-officer progressive shootings crossed the country.

Breonna Taylor was killed connected March 13, 2020 by Louisville Police Officers during a no-knock warrant. George Floyd was killed connected May 25, 2020 by erstwhile Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin aft kneeling connected his cervix and backmost for much than 9 minutes.

Jacob Blake was changeable 7 times by Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey connected Aug. 23, 2020. Blake survived, but was paralyzed from the waist down.

Daunte Wright was killed April 11, 2021 during a postulation halt erstwhile erstwhile Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kimberly Potter mistakenly utilized her firearm alternatively of a taser portion trying to apprehension him.

Versey felt helium oregon 1 of his household members were precise adjacent to being the adjacent sanction connected that list.

“We could person been the adjacent 1 connected the t-shirt,” Versey said. “We could person been the adjacent 1 everybody is parading astir with signs for. That could person been america next. Somebody would person had to telephone my household to say, 'hey, Twan been killed by police. Jackie changeable by police.' That benignant of stuff.”

Washington besides questions the tactics of police. She questions wherefore they burst into the location if determination was an progressive shooter.

“If determination was idiosyncratic up successful here, they could person had america hostage oregon anything,” Washington said. “Y’all bust done the doorway to springiness them an casual mode to termination us. You cognize the due protocol to follow. They’re perpetually doing what they privation to do. You tin not. You enactment guiltless radical successful harm’s way. No.”

Eventually, 1 of the officers turned Versey’s surveillance camera backmost around. At this point, you tin spot officers statesman to question what happened.

“He chased him successful here,” 1 serviceman said.

“You’re 100 percent sure?” different serviceman said.

“Let’s cheque it again,” a 3rd serviceman said.

“To me, the full concern could person went near existent quick,” Versey said. “Whether it was me, her oregon him. They could person thought I had a weapon erstwhile I came downstairs. They could person thought she had thing connected her erstwhile she came downstairs. They could person thought helium had thing connected him successful the bathroom. Breonna Taylor is simply a cleanable example. There is excessively overmuch going connected close now. They’re getting distant with excessively much. I’m bushed of it.”

The I-Team has requested each assemblage camera footage of the incidental and different accusation astir what happened. Milwaukee Police accidental they volition merchandise it successful accordance to nationalist records argumentation and laws. Versey has besides tried to petition the assemblage camera footage, though helium was told it could instrumentality a twelvemonth oregon two.

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