Wake school board elections would change under bill moving today

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By Travis Fain, WRAL statehouse reporter

Wake County schoolhouse committee elections would get re-shuffled nether authorities moving astatine the statehouse, staggering things truthful the full committee isn't up for re-election astatine once.

It would besides determination elections from adjacent to odd-numbered years starting successful 2023.

Right present elections for the board's 9 seats are held successful adjacent years, erstwhile turnout is typically overmuch higher due to the fact that different authorities and national elections are besides held successful adjacent years. Only municipal elections are typically held successful unusual years, though the legislature precocious voted to determination metropolis of Raleigh elections to adjacent years.

House Bill 353 would alteration the docket for schoolhouse committee elections successful Wake County aft 2022, and candidates elected successful 2022 would service either 1 oregon 3 twelvemonth terms.

The mode that would beryllium decided is:

  • Winners successful the 4 Board of Education districts with the highest full ballot counts would service 3 twelvemonth terms
  • Winners successful the different 5 districts would service 1 twelvemonth terms

That would enactment the adjacent elections successful 2023, erstwhile 5 seats would beryllium up. Then, successful 2025, 4 seats would beryllium up.

Members elected successful those years, and going forward, would service 4 twelvemonth presumption nether the bill. That means 5 seats would beryllium up successful 1 fixed year, and 4 seats 2 years later. Elections would stay non-partisan, with elections held successful unusual numbered years connected the Tuesday aft the archetypal Monday successful November.

This connection moved done committee contiguous successful the House and is expected to beryllium earlier the afloat House for a ballot this afternoon, arsenic aboriginal arsenic 2 p.m. The measure besides reworks elections for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schoolhouse board, staggering those presumption arsenic well.

If the House votes for this measure it volition determination to the authorities Senate for much discussion.

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