WRAL reporter hospitalized with COVID: Oxygen levels down but lungs look great

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By WRAL News

Fayetteville, N.C. — WRAL Fayetteville newsman Gilbert Baez posted an update from his infirmary furniture connected Monday, saying that portion helium is feeling okay, his oxygen levels are down.

Baez said successful a Facebook Live his oxygen level is successful the 80s, though helium said helium isn't experiencing shortness of breath. His oxygen level was successful the 90s previously, Baez said.

A mean oxygen level is betwixt 95% and 100%, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Baez said an X-ray shows his lungs are successful large information but helium inactive gets a "hacking cough" erstwhile helium moves around.

He was hoping to spell location Monday, but the little oxygen level volition support him successful the infirmary for now.

Baez, who was afloat vaccinated, was hospitalized connected Thursday astatine Cape Fear Valley Medical Center successful Fayetteville aft helium diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia pursuing his affirmative COVID-19 trial the time prior.

"My doc says the information that I was vaccinated helped maine conflict the virus," Baez said Friday. "I’m OK arsenic agelong arsenic I beryllium still, but the slightest question triggers uncontrollable coughing and struggles with breathing."

Baez did a Facebook Live video connected Saturday from his country successful the COVID-19 portion astatine Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

"I'm 1 of the fortunate ones who does not person to instrumentality oxygen oregon beryllium connected a ventilator," helium said.

Baez said helium and his wife, Doris, some tested affirmative for the microorganism days aft his 66th day party. All 10 friends and household who attended the enactment were vaccinated, and fractional of the radical determination tested positive, helium said.

His woman is starting to recover, arsenic good arsenic 3 different radical who tested positive, Baez said. While his woman had mislaid her consciousness of smell, Baez noted that helium had mislaid his appetite, saying helium hadn't eaten successful respective days owed to nausea.

Baez said erstwhile his 102 grade fever was not responding to medication, helium knew it was clip to spell into the exigency country for treatment. ​

WRAL Fayetteville newsman  Gilbert Baez successful  the COVID-19 portion   of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

The award-winning writer has lived successful Fayetteville for much than 35 years, and has worked for WRAL-TV for 23 years.

He covered the Gulf War for WRAL News successful the Middle East successful 1991 and was the archetypal to study that Fort Bragg soldiers were being sent to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

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